Shakira is one H๏τ mama! The 38-year-old singer made her first on-stage appearance since giving birth to Sasha, her second child with soccer star Girard Pique, back in January.

“Came to surprise some friends tonight,” she wrote on Facebook alongside a pic of her backstage rocking a form-fitting little black dress that proved she’s been working hard all year long.

Shakira had then shared a video of herself singing a different song called Green Day’s “BasketCase.”

With Shakira ’s producer being on acoustic guitar,she had sung the first verse and also chorus and had then busted out her very own air guitar moves.

Shakira had then posted the video on Twitter and also,Instagram. Mike Dirnt had then responded, “Bacano!” These Shakira H๏τ pictures and Shakira Sєxy pictures which will make you become hopelessly smitten with her attractive body. Shakira Naked Pictures are very hard to find on the internet,but we found the closest ones.

So, why don’t we get to know Shakira a little more? Shakira is a popular songwriter,singer,businesswoman, dancer, and also a philanthropist.

Shakira had been raised in Barranquilla,and had also made her recording debut under Sony Music Colombia.After the commercial failure of the two Colombian albums, called, Magia (1991) and also, Peligro (1993),she had risen to fame in a few countries with her next albums called,Donde Estan los Ladrones? And also,Pies Descalzos (1995).Shakira ɴuᴅᴇ Pictures are something that men of every age are searching,but we got something that’s even better.

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Shakira ‘s career in the English-language market had started with her fifth album called, Laundry Service (2001). It had sold more than 13 million copies and had also spawned the international singles “Undeneath Your Clothes” and also, “Whenever, Wherever”.

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Shakira looked absolutely stunning as she took the stage in Barcelona to perform “Mi Verdad” alongside the rock group, Mana.

Check out the video to see Shakira’s impressive bod and tune in to The Insider With Yahoo on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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