Jennifer Aniston Talks About Feeling Beautiful, Reveals Which Celeb She Thinks Is ”Sєxy and Perfect”

Actress also spilled the beans on the infamous Rachel haircut

Jennifer Aniston may be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but she’s spilling the beans on which famous faces she thinks are smokin’ H๏τ.

“These days it’s Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen—they’re just Sєxy and perfect,” she told Glamour.

“As a youngster, I was a big fan of Valerie Bertinelli’s hair.”

The former Friends darling also revealed when she feels the most beautiful—and it’s not when she’s all glammed up on the red carpet!

“I feel beautiful when I wake up with my sweetheart. When I leave a pH๏τo shoot, because somehow miracles have been worked,” Aniston dished.

“When I come home from a night out with my honey and my makeup’s a little smudged. I have many moments when I feel beautiful. It’s all about having that inner confidence.”

She continued, “I always love a beautiful scar. I think they’re Sєxy.”

There has been a lot of news around Jennifer Aniston ever since the news of Friends being sH๏τ again is doing the rounds.

She played the iconic character of Rachel Green and recently she was all praise for the hairstylist who provided her with the hairstyle for Rachel which was a huge hit among the audiences.

The hairstylist is all set to launch his line of scalp and hair products and the praise from Jennifer Aniston is surely going to do him a lot of good.

Jennifer Aniston hailed from a family of actors and this popular actress is also known for her business sense and has also been a fine producer. She made her acting debut with the film Mac and Me and soon she became a sensational face in Hollywood.

This beautiful actress was born on the 11th of February in the year 1969 and as of now, she is 51 years old. She was born in Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

The sitcom тιтled Friends was the turning point in her career. It went on to become one of the greatest shows on television and Jennifer Aniston became a superstar.

She also won the Golden Globe,Emmy and other such awards for her role. She also had her fair share of movies and was a part of hit movies such as Bruce Almighty, Marley & Me, Just Go with It, The Break-Up, and many others.

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