Hello, no, Bella Thorne didn’t walk a red carpet naked last night. She did, however, step out in a super-cool optical illusion dress by Sergio Castaño Peña, designed to make her look completely naked, for the Los Angeles screening of Morbius.

"morbius" fan special screening

Bella’s outing comes amid her response to recent claims that she’s “controversial.” As she told the Daily Beast, “It’s so funny that people say that I’m ‘controversial’ when you’re exactly right—I haven’t been arrested. I’m not doing bad things. Of course I am a woman, and that definitely plays a part in it. If I post in a ʙικιɴι, it’s ‘She’s a slut,’ but if a man posts shirtless on a beach, it’s ‘ҒUCҜ yeah, bro.’

Bella Throne Debuts Blond Hair & Red-H๏τ Dress for 'Morbius' – Footwear NewsIf a man posts with a different girl every other day, it’s ‘ҒUCҜ yeah, bro, keep getting that p*ssy,’ but if I’m in a three-year relationship and then break up and then get into another three-year relationship, it’s ‘Wow, Bella Thorne, she’s a ho. Look at her.’ I’m like, what? I’ve been in long-term relationships my whole life!”

"morbius" fan special screening

Speaking of long-term relationships, Bella semi-recently got engaged to Italian singer/actor Benjamin Mascolo. Actually, it was a full year ago, but whatever, time flies. They announced the news back on March 21, 2021, with Benjamin musing, “She said yes!”

Bella Thorne wears red 'naked' dress at 'Morbius' screening

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