10+ Worst Selfie Fails Of People Who Forgot To Check The Background


Think He Noticed Her Missing Belt Loop?

What do you think the man in the mirror is looking for back there? Maybe she missed a belt loop? Or sat in something perhaps? Maybe she just asked him if her new glasses made her butt look big. Who knows? Regardless, this good guy is on the case! Whatever he’s back there looking for, he sure is looking hard. I wonder if he found it…

MA! Help Me Take A Selfie!

Think this guy has spent all of his time building his muscles so he hasn’t been able to make any friends besides his mom? At least she’s supportive though right? She takes his gym pose selfies and looks so proud of him while she snaps them. Maybe they could have taken another if he’d checked the photo before posting or maybe he wanted his mom in the shot. Think she counts his reps and spots him on the bench as well?


Prime Location for A Profile Pic!

The relationship between toilets and technology is a strange thing. The most common place to check social media is while using the bathroom so it’s safe to bet more than a few of those bathroom mirror selfies are taken just before doing a number one or two–perhaps a few of them during as well! At least this poor woman’s was. It’s an excellent time saver, especially if you’re looking particularly good on the potty, but just don’t forget to check your mirrors!

The Family That Selfies Together, Stays Together


Even dads like to get in on the selfie fun! And this dad seems like he would be a lot of fun to selfie with, even if you’re not expecting it. She may have not thought it was very funny at the time, however. As a parent you gotta have a little fun at your kids’ expense or you’ll go crazy. You can definitely see where she gets her dramatic flare from, though, right?

Blame It On The Boyfriend


The attention seeking selfie is the worst kind of selfie and we all know at least one attention seeking selfie taker. Case in point, this poor girl who wants her followers to know she has a boyfriend so badly that she simply invented one. In the very least, he seems like a sweet guy who is very much in love with her, taking pictures as she’s getting out of the shower and all.

Lil’ Brother Bathroom Photo Bomb


While these girls are breaking the Internet, it looks like little brother back there is breaking the toilet. This impromptu bathroom photo op is yet another great reminder to check your backgrounds before snapping photos. The real question is, is he closing the door in modesty so as to hopefully not be caught on camera, or flinging it open for all to see the glory of his bathroom destruction?


Selfie Shadow Surprise!

Time to get that post shower selfie! You know what would be really cool? Getting your shadow in the background! Yeah, snap a quick profile pic here against this brick wall with your shadow! Wait, what’s that down by your waist? Were you holding a hose of some sort? Is it some kind of snake? What’s with the huge grin on your face? You were wearing a belt right? That’s what that is, your belt buckle!


At Least He’s Wearing His Dressy Underwear

We all know a dad that likes to wear that one same old thing. No matter how dressed up everyone else is, Dad’s rocking that same old jean jacket, or in this dad’s case, black and white checkered underwear. Heck, the checkerboard style whitey tighties are so iconic it looks like his son took some style tips from dear old dad with his suit vest. You know Dad’s proud!

Selfie Within A Selfie

Dude climbs all the way up a stinkin’ mountain to get a stoic selfie with his dog only to have his girlfriend ruin it by taking her own. This selfie is like the selfie Inception. It’s a selfie within a selfie. A buy one get one free selfie. It definitely looks like dog and man were having a different trip than the girlfriend. At least it looks like one of them is having fun on the trip though.

Blame It on the Girlfriend

Another instance of the attention seeking selfie and proof that men and women alike are capable of inventing a nonexistent significant other. In all seriousness, this dude is super talented to be able to take this with his feet. With a skill like that it’s a wonder he’s single. Maybe him and the lady with the imaginary shower selfie boyfriend can hookup and take selfies of each other? A match made on Instagram!

A Man And His Cat

Pets and formal selfies just don’t mix. Face it, pets just don’t care about your selfies or who you’re trying to impress. They’re more concerned with showing their butt, messing with your stuff, or in this case, getting a drink from the toilet. Maybe he didn’t notice the cat? Maybe the cat is an artistic statement on the nature of formal clothing in a indifferent world? Regardless, his phone matches his suit and that’s swanky.

Urinal Selfie!

So, apparently snapping selfies while using the bathroom is a pretty common thing. Like we mentioned before, if you’re feeling like you got a vibe going while your going, using your bathroom time to get your new profile pic is a time saving way to go. I think by now we can safely say that the number one rule for any selfie is to check your background and this guy just didn’t. Or by the seemingly drunk smirk on his face, maybe he just doesn’t care.

Even The Dog Is Tired Of Her Selfies

Again, pets do not care about your selfies! In fact, they may actively work to sabotage your selfies when you’ve been slacking on treats and love because you’ve been lost in your phone. These acts of sabotage may consist of showing their butt, drinking from the toilet, or throwing themselves against your windows. Obviously the best thing to do is just give the puppers all the love and treats and take your selfies later!

A Nice Relaxing Day at the Beach

The beach selfie is a must for any vacation, right? You’ve got your toes in the water and butt in the sand and life couldn’t be better until your surf-side selfie is ruined by mister Johnson’s massive Johnson. At least he’s body positive though. And it certainly makes for a one of a kind selfie. It’s so big how could she have missed it in the background?

Don’t be a Horse’s…

I would like to blame this one on animals not caring about your selfies but this just looks like a classic case of bad angling. I’m sure our boy just got finished with some righteous horseback riding and wanted to snap a pic but he should have definitely stayed in the stable and got the right side of the equestrian instead of making himself look like a horse’s… well, you know.

Third Wheel Photo Bomb

Being a third wheel can be rough. Having to tag along to couple’s events and listen to your friends mush and gush over each other constantly sucks. What’s even worse is the photo of the group, which is usually just the couple kissing or cuddling up and you standing awkwardly to one side. This guy figured out a creative way to make the third wheel all the more delightfully uncomfortable by just embracing the awkward and slipping oddly into the background.

Nice Ice Cream You’ve Got There, Be A Shame If Someone Were to…

It’s summer, it’s hot, and this pup wants an ice cream. Too bad the girl up front is too busy taking a selfie. That’s okay, says lil’ pup, I can just get a lick off yours! I doubt she noticed this moment before snapping the pic. Surely she would have given the guy a little, right? Who knows, maybe he got his own right after this got posted. We can hope.

New Hair, Don’t Care!

They say that a new haircut makes you feel like a new person but does it make you do new things, or people? This woman’s wild streak really seems to have picked up with her new hairdo and her buff, good looking mans really seems to like it too. But what’s she reaching for there? A snake? Some kind of hose? His belt? New hair got this girl pulling out all the stops!

I’m Tired Of All The Selfies!

I think we all feel this little girl, right? At some point, it’s time to put away the phones and chill with the fam. It looks like this girl can’t get enough though and lil’ sis is sick of it. So sick she decided to add some gestures to the background of big sis’s latest. She definitely ain’t blowing kisses back there. This is what real sibling love looks like.

What a Center Piece!

Different people prefer different centerpieces for their tables. Some people like flowers, some people like photos of their family, friends, and love ones, some like sculptures or busts. This woman has a different take on centerpieces all together. Really, though, who could blame her? It’s functional and aesthetic. Even if it may lead to granny asking some mighty awkward questions when you post up the latest selfie on social media.

Kids These Days

Moms have a rough way to go. They give birth to us, raise us, and have to save us from all the stupid stuff we get ourselves into. The look on this mom’s face when she walks in on her daughter taking yet another selfie is something I’m sure all moms can relate to. Put down the phone for a moment and give your mom a hug. All one of them deserve a hug at the very least for putting up with things like this.

Dad Bod Selfie

Dads, gotta love em’. Sometimes they just don’t get it do they? Kid wants a selfie, and dad nonchalantly walks through the background with that wealth of a beer belly shining in the light. Or, maybe this dad is savvy to something the rest of us need to get on. That’s right, the dad bod. As it seems everybody falls in love with the dad bod, and maybe a few more men need to crack open the six packs like this lovable father photo bomber.

Doggy Style

How many times do I gotta say it? PETS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SELFIES! They will show their butts, make a meal out of the toilet, or in this case… well you can see for yourself. I’m sure this guy just wanted a nice photo with his pups, but some urges wait for no man! Especially when you can capture the moment in your owner’s selfie for the entire internet to see!

Check your Reflection!

Always, always, always check the background before posting! It can spare you a lot of odd conversations you probably never want to have in the first place. This girl probably learned the hard way when her… ahem… massager… ended up on all her friends’ timelines. Kinda makes you wonder what activity she was doing just before snapping this selfie.

You’re Doing this Motherhood Thing Wrong!

You can almost see the sense of disappointment in this kid’s face and you gotta wonder how whoever she sent this to felt about getting a sexy selfie with a disenchanted kid as the focal point. I mean, I get it, when you have five or six kids you gotta get it in where you can, but she should have definitely checked the background, or peripheral, before sending this one.

When Selfies Get Painful

What a great day at the ballpark! The sun’s out, the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air, and you’re feeling yourself so you pull out your phone to get a quick selfie when… BAM! That’s a home run! This is the rare image right before disaster strikes and that disaster came in the form of the Ol’ horse hide for this ball fan.

Love In The Air

The first rule of being a good photographer is to always make sure that you’re not in the photo, but we’ll cut this kid some slack based on his age. He’s gotta be just getting started right? He’ll learn. And how nice of him to make his parents his first subjects. The perfect portrait of love in the middle American trailer park. This kid will become a renowned photographer in no time.

An Autumn Dog Doo Selfie

There’s nothing more relaxing than lying down in a pile of leaves in the autumn of the year. You always wanna check those piles before laying down though. Don’t be like this lady. Don’t find out that you laid your head inches from dog poo in the comments. I mean, at least she got to enjoy her relaxing fall activity at the time without worrying, right?




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